FabSeasons Winter Outdoor Ear Muffs

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Ideal for Men and Women (14 years & above). One size fits all. Faux fur material on the inside for protection from Cold. FOLDABLE muff that can fit in your Pocket too.
Comfortably cover your ears and stay comfortably in place.Keeping the wind and cold out,and your ears warm.Comfortable,attractive,and portable earmuffs for your ears that are appropriate for any activity.
Made of polyester,soft, breathable terry fabric that keeps the ears warm and comfortable all day long, which play the same warm effect as sheepskin wools but more environmentally.
Lightweight and easy to carry. Great for any outdoor activities.Keep your ears warm and toasty while you have fun in the winters.
Full ear protection with surrounded furry earwarmers.Wonderful holiday gifts for a friend or for yourself.