7 Ways To Style Your Scarfs

7 Ways To Style Your Scarfs

Nowadays, scarfs are in a very large quantity. And probably you have seen much different types of scarfs on young women and young men and old people. Scarf is designed according to the fashion of their era but nowadays it also consider as a trendy accessory to be worn by anyone who wants to look handsome or stylish.

It can also be considered as how to wear a scarf in summer especially with the trend of light colors; that is why this blog will teach you some fashion secret and tips on how to style your scarf!

Here are some tips on how to style your scarf:

1) Try a square scarf: A square scarf looks great when worn as an alternative to a rectangular boxy shape on your shoulders or neckline. You can also choose one with fringe at the bottom or add texture by tying it into an intricate knot at the end of one side or both ends of the scarf itself.

2) False Knot: This style is simple and versatile. Take one end and wrap it around your hand, Pull the other end through the side knot by first passing under the loop of the knot and then over it.

3) Make a loose knot: Drape it over your neck. This is the simplest way to wear a scarf. You can also drape it around your neck like a necklace or tie it at the back of your head if you want to keep it out of your face.

4) Draping a scarf over your neck is a classic way to wear a scarf: Drape it over your neck. A scarf draped over your neck is the most basic way to wear a scarf and works well with most any outfit. It's also the easiest way to accessorize, as you can easily slide it up and down your body or into a pocket for later use. 

5) Style it like a shawl: The easiest method to style or enjoy wearing a scarf! You just have to drape it around your shoulders and let it hang down on each side towards the front. 

6) Two-sided twist: It is a way to wear a scarf that involves twisting the ends of the scarf together, creating a knot or loop. This style creates a sleek, modern look and is easy to adjust for warmth and comfort. To achieve this style, simply take the two ends of the scarf and twist them together, then wrap the twisted ends around your neck, tucking the ends into the loop created. 

7) Turtleneck Style: Keep the scarf at equal lengths around your neck. Start making loops with the two ends hanging down. After the loops reaches the point till your neck you can tuck up the loose ends inside the scarf.